Mulberry Global


Mulberry is delighted to announce their strategic partnership with Global Finance & Capital Limited (GFCL) to provide innovative insurance solutions, initially for West African infrastructure projects.

GFCL is an international financial advisory firm licenced by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which provides support and advisory services including project development, project financing, strategic partner identification, financial restructuring, fund-raising and structuring of financial products.

In September 2014 the West Africa Investment Forum announced a package of 17 infrastructure projects planned for the West Africa Economic & Monetary Union region, (UEMOA). $19 billion has been secured for projects in a range of sectors, including roads, railways and energy. GFCL has formed a strategic partnership with UEMOA to implement and develop these projects and promote the region’s tremendous potential.

Mulberry Insurance and GFCL have now formed a Joint Venture vehicle known as Mulberry Global, to provide comprehensive insurance solutions individually tailored for each of the projects, from inception to completion.