Earlier this month Leigh Day, acting on behalf of Landlords', has filed a claim against Foxtons for their actions in hiking commission charges. This case is being pursued on behalf of the Landlords who have sought the services of Foxtons. These services include the letting of property, management of property, or both. It is expected that Foxtons may be facing a claim running in to millions.

According to Leigh Day, the claim is that Foxtons has over charged Landlords by way of secret commission. In some cases this has led to a 33% increase to Landlord invoices for works to properties – such as maintenance, repairs, safety checks and so on.

In addition to this it is suspected that the contractors selected for the works have knowingly overcharged for such works, when the duty of Foxtons was to act in the best interest of the Landlord and obtain good value for money.

None of these secret payments or additional charges were subject to disclosure and Landlords were left in the dark completely. This legal action comes at a time when full consent for additional fees may not be limited to Foxtons. It remains to be seen what other claims this could motivate in the future and what other associated commissions may be discovered e.g. insurance premiums.

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