Five Reasons Why You Should Use A Specialist Property Insurance Broker

Five Reasons Why You Should Use A Specialist Property Broker

When it comes to insuring your portfolio, you may be tempted to use any broker who offers property insurance. Unfortunately, a generalist broker is unlikely to fully understand your requirements, and may lack the knowledge necessary to navigate the complications often faced by commercial clients. These failings could leave you with vulnerabilities and gaps in your cover, so we would always recommend that you take the time to choose a specialist property insurance broker, whose expertise will ensure that you secure the best policy for your particular needs.

Mulberry Insurance Services is one of the UK’s premier Insurance Brokers, and one of a select number of UK brokers who focus exclusively on the Commercial Real Estate sector.

As a leading property insurance specialist, we know there are five important criteria to look for when choosing the right broker. These will ensure that you get the best possible advice, and most importantly that you purchase the correct policy to satisfy your demands and needs.



1. Specialist Advice
When it comes to providing a bespoke service, a specialist property insurance broker provides you with the expert guidance needed to make the process of purchasing your insurance as seamless as possible, highlighting key points where you could potentially save both time and money. Commercial clients are often faced with complications such as properties which are difficult to insure, or the need to comply with leases and financial agreements which require specialist advice. A property insurance specialist can not only provide cover for those parts of your portfolio that might be considered less attractive to insurers, but they can also ensure that your premiums are competitive. This specialist advice can help you avoid future legal issues, ensures your investments are fully protected, and most importantly any claims are met in full.



2. Risk Management
Property insurance specialists provide you with risk management advice, allowing you to make an informed choice as far as your own appetite for risk is concerned regarding your portfolio. This risk management advice will also take into account up-to-date health and safety regulations. The object of proactive risk management is to potentially reduce your risks and thereby contain insurance premium costs.


3. Claims Support
Working with a property insurance specialist throughout the claims process can be invaluable, especially when dealing with large and complex losses. Specialist brokers are able to guide you at every stage when presenting your claims to insurers. With the right specialist advice, the claims process can be streamlined to help manage back office costs and ultimately achieve prompt settlement of your claim.


4. Peace of Mind
Having peace of mind that all your demands and needs are covered within the policy is paramount. A specialist property insurance broker will establish your appetite for risk and provide a competitively priced policy tailored to your specific demands and needs. As property experts, we can offer you a fully stress-tested insurance policy with wording specifically designed for you, ensuring you always have the appropriate cover for both your property and for potential claims made against you as the owner. For added peace of mind a rate stability agreement with insurers, securing a 3 or 5-year fixed rate for your portfolio’s insurance cover, can be put into place to provide certainty of costs for an extended period.


5. Personal Service
Mulberry Insurance is a Principal led business supported by a dedicated team of experienced commercial real estate experts. Clients are provided with a dedicated point of contact who will maintain and administer the relationship moving forward. This element of the service is particularly helpful to clients who manage large portfolios of properties or where there are multiple transactions within the portfolio. Having a dedicated point of contact helps to develop an understanding of the client’s demands and needs, and ensures that the right resource is applied to whatever situation is being managed. The aim is to be an extension of your office, providing you with dedicated and specific expertise when you need it. Our business has been built on developing sustainable long-standing relationships, allowing us to provide clients with peace of mind based on our extensive experience in the commercial property sector, providing you with a service you can trust.