Engineering Inspection – Essential reading for Commercial Property Owners

As a Landlord, your responsibility for your commercial property does not end with the purchase of a Property Insurance Policy. The equipment within that property also falls within your responsibility, and if something were to go wrong with that equipment, for example if a lift were to malfunction and fall, injuring people, then you as the Landlord could be liable.
To safeguard against legal and other responsibilities for the equipment within that property, landlords should implement an Engineering Inspection Programme.

The equipment held within any commercial property will clearly vary by the type and use of the building. In a similar way there are various items of legislation and recommended good practice which determine how often that equipment needs to be routinely inspected.

There are five main categories of Equipment Type:
1. Electrical and Mechanical
2. Lift and Cranes
3. Exhaust/Ventilation Plant
4. Power Press
5. Pressure Plants including boilers, air conditioning etc.

There is a raft of applicable legislation which sets out the required frequency of inspection for these equipment types, a substantial element of which is contained in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

The purpose of the legislation is to make sure that equipment is safe for continued use, but it does not replace maintenance. An Engineering Inspection programme satisfies the requirements of the legislation and adds peace of mind to you, the Landlord, by complementing your purchase of property insurance.

An Engineering Inspection Programme provides for routine checks to be made to all applicable equipment within the timescale frequency required by the legislation. The inspections will be undertaken by accredited inspectors allowing the Landlord to take advantage of expert oversight within one co-ordinated programme.

Mulberry Insurance can provide Engineering Inspection Programmes for your commercial property portfolio and many of their existing clients already benefit from such programmes.
In addition Mulberry can also advise on the provision of Engineering Insurance to manage the effects of any unforeseen machinery breakdown to the plant and machinery covered by the inspection programme.

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